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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation

C/O Art Curtis P.O. Box 318063 San Francisco, CA 94131-8063

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We are just now compiling the names of the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco, and there were many, so if you know of someone who does not appear on our list, please send us their name, and any information you might have about them.  We cherish any and all information that anyone has about the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco.  This is the whole goal of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation.  "Keep Our History Alive".

If you would like to help  with this great tribute to the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco click HERE.

Baker, Warren Wing Storekeeper 1st Class   Died May 1983
Barber, Wendell 1939-43 B Div  
Barela, Tony J. (Joseph) 1942-46 5th  
Bariluk, Nicholas 1944-45 C Div Died May 1995
Barlow, Lynwood Leroy 1945-46 3rd Div  
Barocco, Fred J I Div  
Barrentine, Billy Rudd Seaman 1C   Died June 24, 1991
Barrett Henry T "Hank" 1943-45 6th Div  
Barrett, William   Died Mar. 19, 2010
Barta, Vit John FC2c 1940-42 Died 1944
Bartz, J E    
Battern, James (Bill) 1943-45 6th Div Died July 19, 1999
Batton, Paul R 1936-43 A Div  
Beamon, Thomas Eugene (Gene) 1940-45 S Div Died July 28, 2008
Bean, Harold 1941-42 S Div Died Dec 7, 2007
Beard, Tom 1938-42 C Div Died Jan 17, 2003
Beardley , George Francis Vice Admiral SFA Senior Aviator 1940 Never SFA Member  
Bengston, Gorden V (Smiley) 1940-41 S Div  
Bennet, Byron    
Bennett, Elwood L. 1945-46 6th Div Died Jan 1996
Bennett, John E 5th Div Captain  
Bennett, James N    
Bennett, Robert 1943-44 A Div  
Benson, Teman J E Div Died July 31, 1998
Beolate, Jim Chief Gun Capt #3 turret  
Bernahl, James H 9/44-5/46 5th Div  
Berninger, Bernard 1943-45 C Div .Never SFA Member  
Berray, James PFC Marine Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13 November 1942
Betcher, Harold 1938-45 2nd Div Died Aug 7, 1991
Bethea, Smead 1934-35 3rd Div  
Betten, George E 1942-45 R Div  
Bieri, B H Jr.    
Bierman, Archibal 1943-45  Div Died 7/13/1997
Bieske, Arthur C 1940-46 1st Div Died May 18, 2004
Bingham, Thomas E 1940-44 I Div  
Birch, Howard Marine 1943-44 Died April  9, 1993
Birch Otto    
Bircher, Harris C 2nd Div  
Bishop, Albert H. Acting Pay Clerk (Officer) June 1935 - Nov. 1942 Died February 1, 1970
Black, Clifford    

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