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by Chief Johnny

The USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation, Inc. is pleased and honored to support this web site which depicts the true history and glory of one of America's most treasured heavy cruisers, USS SAN FRANCISCO (CA-38), and the initial protected cruiser the USS SAN FRANCISCO(C-5), and the current nuclear submarine USS SAN FRANCISCO (SSN-711).

It can truly be stated that the success the United States enjoyed over the defeat of the Japanese was greatly due to the gallant bravery of the fighting men and officers aboard her decks; particularly during the conflict which took place on November 13th 1942, during the battle of Guadalcanal, (a turning point in the war in the Pacific, after the first tuning point at the Battle of Midway).

USS San Francisco earned 17 battle stars during World War II.

"This site will serve as an indefinite reminder to the US Armed Forces that it knows the meaning of sacrifice when it comes to defending our nation's liberty and freedom, especially to the U.S. Navy and Marines."

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De Hos Cineres... Up from the Ashes

This website is open to all who wish to learn about this unique warship and the men whose lives are inextricably linked because of her, and will grow over time, as new information is gleaned from numerous sources. The intent is to tell as many of the stories as possible about the sailors and Marines who knew her, and to that extent, the Foundation welcomes any and all information about any aspect of the ship's history, from the men who served on land and sea, from their families and friends, from historians and hobbyists.

Become a member and you will be given access to special resources and tools that will enable you to tell your piece of history.

No matter how much the site grows, however, not every story will be told here. Volumes could (and have) been written about the USMC who fought for every square inch of ground in invasion after bloody invasion, and while this site commemorates those battles, there are numerous websites devoted to their efforts at Guadalcanal , Iwo Jima, Okinawa and other islands in the campaign. But even focusing on the USS San Francisco is a daunting task, since thousands of men were touched by her.

Some stories have been lost forever, as the players in those dramas have passed on. Time is of the essence, as the people and events depicted here are passing into history, so please join with us in preserving these faces, photos and stories for generations to come. Join the Foundation today.

Uss San Francisco Memorial

USS San Francisco Memorial
USS San Francisco Memorial

Pictures Below are from the Navy National Archives





"A very powerful Japanese force was moving at night toward our positions in the Solomon Islands. The spearhead of the force that we sent to intercept the enemy was under the command of Rear Admiral Daniel J. Callaghan. He was aboard the leading ship, the cruiser SAN FRANCISCO + + The San Francisco sailed right into the enemy fleet--- right through the whole enemy fleet---her guns blazing. She engaged and hit three enemy vessels, sinking one of them. At point blank range she engaged an enemy battleship--heavily her superior in size and firepower. She silenced this battleship's big guns and so disabled her that she could be sunk by torpedoes from our destroyers and aircraft ++ The SAN FRANCISCO herself was hit many times. Admiral Callaghan, my close personal friend, and many of the gallant officers and men gave their lives in this battle. But the SAN FRANCISCO was brought safely back to port by a Lieutenant Commander (*), and she will fight again for our country ++ The Commander of the Task Force of which the SAN FRANCISCO was a part, has recommended that she be the first of our Navy's vessels to be decorated for outstanding service. But there are no citations, no medals, which carry with them such high honor as that accorded to fighting men by the respect of their Comrades-in-Arms. The Commanding General of the Marines on Guadalcanal, General Vandergrift, yesterday sent a message to the Commander of the Fleet, Admiral Halsey, saying "We lift our battered helmets in admiration for those who fought magnificently against overwhelming odds and drove the enemy back to crushing defeat"++ Let us thank God for such men as these. May our Nation continue to be worthy of them, throughout this war, and Forever.











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